OSB Oasis Linear Duo Pod



OSB Oasis Linear Duo Pod

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Fully Enclosed

Make the most of your space with these personal, modular privacy booths

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OSB Oasis Linear Duo Pod

Duo Pod Specification
The Oasis Linear Duo Pod provides a peaceful environment for phone calls,
video conferences, interviews, private meetings, or a silent retreat for
uninterrupted work for up to two people.

Exterior Dimensions: 84″w x 45″d x 89″h
Interior Dimensions: 79″w x 39″d x 83″h
Door: 35.375″w – left hand
3/8″ rear glass wall
Internal Features
Occupancy sensor
LED ceiling unit
Air circulation ceiling fan
Acoustic lined panels
Powder coated aluminum frame with rounded corner posts
(12 standard colors)
Mayer Fedora fabric for internal/external panels (24 standard
Formica laminate for external panels (12 standard finishes)