RSI Cubicle

***Price above is starting price per cube in a 6-pack variation with grade 1 finishes

***Price may not reflect the specs you may want/need for your cubicles

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RSI Cubicle Options!

Echo Squared :

  • Echo Squared is an affordable and durable solution. With its roots starting out as our original Echo line, we modernized it by squaring off the corners and revamping the baseplate giving it a sleek, modern look.
  • Increase privacy and add protection with our laminate add-on panels. In addition to the added protection, our plexi and laminate add-on panels are easy to clean. Featuring a quick connect locking bracket design, our add-on panels install easily onto any new and existing panels.
  • Echo Squared is built using a steel panel core, the backbone of the entire system. It is a proven panel core that has continued to stand the test of time.
  • Echo panels are manufactured using recycled content. They are put through a rigorous manufacturing process that we have been perfecting over the last 30 years. Each panel starts as a raw core then it is painted, upholstered and assembled using new modern finishes.
  • Panel Heights: 30″ / 37″ / 44″ / 50″ / 56″ / 64″ / 68″ / 82″
  • Panel Widths: 12″ / 18″ / 24″ / 30″ / 36″ / 42″ / 48″ / 60″


  • EZcube was built on the idea of offering our customers the most affordable solution possible without compromising on design. To do this, we looked into what our customers were requesting the most then compiled it into one simple, easy to install solution.
  • Need your stations quick? Get up to 50 workstations shipped in 10 days with our quick-ship program.
  • EZcube is assembled using a 31/4″ thick panel down the spine to carry the power and the bulk of the load followed by 11/4″ thick panels coming off. Using this combination adds tremendous value and improves the overall stability of the stations.
  • Get what you want at a price you can afford.See what EZcube has to offer.

EZCube Plus:

  • The changing nature of work is always evolving and so are our products which is why EZcube Plus was formed after the original introduction of EZcube. We wanted to research what our customers valued the most then put it into a versatile furniture system that would help accommodate the different ways people work.
  • EZcube Plus is a full 3″ panel system available in two different heights with various fabric, upper and lower storage and glass add-on options. It is comprised of three core fabric options along with 18 different upgrade fabric options making it more versatile and accommodating for various workplace aesthetics.
  • Spaces must adapt easily to support evolving work styles and workplace aesthetics. When it is time for change, you won’t have to start all over and buy new products. EZcube Plus panels are designed to easily change out finishes, add on to existing panels for increased privacy and reconfigure your workspace to adapt to your new needs.
  • Organizations require workspace solutions that encourage collaboration, integrate technology and complement varying work styles. Help support those diverse needs and promote movement throughout the day by combining your station with our Pivot height-adjustable table. Its simple and reliable design allows you to easily choose the most comfortable posture for the task at hand.
  • EZcube Plus can take many forms across the office landscape with both seated and standing height privacy. Its versatile platform allows you to scale your stations up or down as needed to accommodate varying preferences across your entire office and change as those needs evolve.
  • Get what you want at a price you can afford.See what EZcube Plus has to offer.