Used Metal Mobile Pedestal

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Used Mobile Pedestal

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Used Mobile Pedestal

There are a ton of variations to the mobile pedestal. Theres the box file, which is the smallest and is just a 6″ box drawer above a standard 12″ file drawer. Then there can be box-box-file which is two smaller drawers stacked above a standard file sized drawer. Another standard configuration is the file-file which is two standard 12″ file drawers stacked one on top of the other. Mobile means you’re getting a file on wheels. Take it where you need additional storage or move it out of your way. Add a cushion on top of a mobile file to add an extra seat when needed, but that also be tucked away under your desk for those offices that may be functioning with limited space.

These files are so handy to keep around the office. Find one that fits your style and save money when you select from our preowned selection!