Used Metal Storage Cabinet


Used Metal Storage Cabinet

*Product image shown is for reference only*

Our use products are priced based on condition, the prices provided are for estimate purposes only. We’re confident we can find you a quality product at this price if you don’t mind a couple scratches, small dings, or dents!

Looking for something specific? A certain size, a specific color, or a cabinet containing a lock & key? Contact Us and we will help quote you for the perfect storage cabinet for your needs!

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Used Metal Storage Cabinet


These cabinets come in a couple of different colors and sizes but are great for storing things away and out of sight. The sturdy shelving allow safe organizing of all of your heavy items. They’re durable and great for your storage closets, garages, or other rugged areas. They can also be a nice additon inside your office for personal belongings or supplies that you need to keep close by! Browse our showroom for a cabinet that will work in your space!